11 Cool Ways to Store Vinyl (That Special Record)

So, you have tons of records and now you are wondering where on earth you could possibly put them.  Don’t fret my fellow vinyl lovers.  We spotted this great blog for vinyl records, That Special Record, and found a cool article on 11 different ways to store your vinyl.

Check out the article here. We especially love idea number 2!  What a clever idea.Thanks, That Special Record! 

wine crate

Our favorite idea from the list, courtesy of Our Cozy Cubbyhole.


Daniel Edlen’s Vinyl Art

Here at Dorado, we love our album covers.  They are all incredible art forms with a story behind each one, but what about the art on the vinyl records themselves?  We never heard of this before until we read this article from Twisted Sifter on Daniel Edlen, an artist know for his series of vinyl artworks.

Check out some of his artwork and read the article by clicking here!