Dante Vs. Zombies Talk Vinyl with DoradoPkg

Dante Vs. Zombies have taken the Los Angeles music scene by storm with their unique musical amalgamation. Calling themselves the new kings and queens of the Spaghetti Western Jungle Anthem, Dante Vs. Zombies visual aesthetic is just as quirky, creative and ingenious as their sound. We spoke with Dante about their latest 7-inch album, “Oblivion,” the record jackets for which were printed right here at DoradoPkg.

DoradoPkg: Hi Dante. Thanks for chatting with us about “Oblivion,” your second 7-inch. Can you tell us why you decided to release your music in this format rather than saving everything up for an EP or even a full length?
Dante: Sure. The need to release something was too great to wait. Full lengths not only take longer to create but longer to release, that is, if you want people to know it’s been released, which we do.

DPKG: How important is the album cover and artwork for you?
DVZ: It’s pretty important. Perhaps less so with a 7″, but it’s still important. It’s going to affect the way people think of the music. When I hear a record with a yellow cover, I think of yellow, even when I’m not looking at the cover. When I hear a record that someone made for me on a grey mixed tape, I think of grey. I’m not the biggest yellow and grey fan.

DPKG: Did you shoot the cover photo during your music video shoot? Was it an intentional choice, to keep the aesthetic so similar for both, or was it just convenient?
DVZ: Yes, we did shoot the cover during the video and it was more of a convenience than an aesthetic choice. I mean, I look horrible in those photos, (my Grandmother voluntarily confirmed this) but we hadn’t much time. We literally shot the photo of the last hour of a two day video shoot. We were exhausted. That being said, I am happy with the juxtaposition. Those recordings and songs have a bit of a 1950’s tone to them, and the cover couldn’t be less 1950’s. So that was definitely a conscious move.

DPKG: Do you have a favorite album cover?
DVZ: Favorite record covers: I subject record covers to what I’ve penned, “The Shudder Test”, in which I stare at a record cover and see how long it takes before I began to shudder uncontrollably. The cover that can induce violent trembling in the shortest amount of time, wins. So far It’s a toss up between “No Security” by The Rolling Stones and “Bagged and Boarded” by Goblin Cock.

DPKG: What else?!
DVZ: What else? If you mean what are we doing next, we are working on a full length. If, however, you just want me to use this question as an opportunity to say anything at all, then I’d like to say “Thank you, Dorado, for featuring us in your newsletter.”

Thanks Dante! To learn more about Dante Vs. Zombies and hear music, visit them on Facebook.


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