Tomorrow Morning

Photo c/o American Art Kitchen

Client: Cobraside Distribution
Album: Tomorrow Morning by The Eels
Packaging: 12-inch Gatefold

Glendale based Cobraside Distribution and Dorado Pkg are excited about the new 12” Gatefold Jacket we printed for Indie/Alternative legends The Eels’ new Deluxe Vinyl “Tomorrow Morning”!

Fresh off the band’s 2010 World Tour, “Tomorrow Morning” is the third in a trilogy of concept albums including “Hombre Lombo” (2009) and “End Times” (2010) imagined by Eels’ mastermind Mark Oliver Everett (better known as “E”). The cover art is a copy of a cherry blossom tree painting and does not show the band or album name, instead, it features a printed clear sticker with both band and album name attached to the front of the jacket on the outside of the shrink wrap. Your record jacket doubles as an amazing piece of artwork that Eels’ and Cobraside encourage fans to frame.

The Eels’ creativity goes beyond their framable album cover art with an amazing surprise inside the record jacket! Let’s just say your eyes and ears won’t be disappointed.

Designed by Lisa Glines of The American Art Kitchen.


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