The Way Out Client: Temporary Residence Ltd.
Album: The Way Out by The Books
Packaging: 2XLP 12-inch Record Jacket with spot UV Coating and removable stickers

Dorado Pkg is proud of the latest album cover we printed for our clients at Brooklyn-based label, Temporary Residence Limited with The Books’ double-LP, “The Way Out”!

What began as a standard 12-inch LP jacket evolved into a do-it-yourself art project for those who purchase the record, now available in-stores. After scouring through dozens of design options and graphics that The Books suggested, label founder Jeremy DeVine decided there were just too many to create only one cover. DeVine proposed multiple sticker sheets to include with each LP jacket so fans could design their own unique version of the album cover.

The all-black double-LP jacket features spot UV coating over each letter of the album title, “The Way Out,” along with an insert of multi-patterned stickers in the shape of the album title’s letters. In addition to adding an eye-catching sheen to the lettering, the spot UV coating also provides a surface for applying and re-applying the stickers, helping fans personalize their album cover.


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