Client: Alive Natural Sound
Album: The Ladies Man by T-Model Ford
Packaging: 12-inch record jacket printed on matte, reverse cover stock

DoradoPkg recently completed a run of 12-inch jackets for our client Alive Records, who reprinted and repressed T-Model Ford’s 2010 release, “The Ladies Man.” The full-color cover art, which features a photo of the legend himself, looks incredibly rich printed on matte, reverse cover stock.

“More eccentric than innovative, Ford revisits riffs and motifs well-known in both Delta and Chicago blues. But he has an advantage over ’30s performers, who were limited by the three-minute running time of 78-rpm records. Ford stretches out, driving such tunes as “Chicken Head Man” and “Hip Shaking Woman” past the six-minute mark. The guitarist slips, lurches and churns until the groove becomes hypnotic. T-Model Ford may not be an originator, but when he bends a song like taffy, he twists it into a shape that is his alone.” – The Washington Post


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